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Feedback and Ideas about the upcoming platform

Great Idea#10 


I think it is a great idea, but I have a nagging feeling that market place potentially will be a tough sell.. My experience having worked both in internal IT and as a consultant, is that it is often very difficult for Ops people to get approval for these kinds of things.. Because it is “only” scripts right, it is not real program, so we do not want to pay for them. (Even though I really hope this will change)

I think the help/script/review process sounds really interesting, I’m afraid some of my previous points might apply here as well, but from reading your doc a couple of times, I think it seems as avery thought through process, and something I really hope will work.

As regards to using the platform, I would definatly use it, mostly as a contributor, in writing/extending/reviewing scripts.

I would also like to help beta test the site.

I think the “credits” idea, is a really good idea,.

10 months ago

Hi and thanks for the feedback.
And I agree about the challenges. :)
You did not leave a name, so can you send me an email to register you for betatesting and for a couple of follow- up questions?
Thanks, Denniver

Denniver Reining
10 months ago